Why Choose PIEC

The PIEC is trusted by many internationally reputed universities, like the University of Debrecen, Curtin University, UMS and many more.

The PIEC and its senior counselors are recognized by ICEF, UNIAGENT and others.

Providing the student applicants the best possible advice unmatched elsewhere from our consultants who are highly experienced.

Dedicated and efficient support services from our experienced administrative officers in communicating with our partner institutions about all matters related to international student application and pre-arrival needs.

Filter applications in order to select good students and avoid bad on behalf of our partner institutions prior to making applications to ensure we maintain a high offer conversion rate.

Regularly contribute contents to mass media for PR exposure.

Organize education fair “Dhaka International Edu expo” twice a year.

Our service charges are notably lower than those of most Bangladeshi consultancy firm. This is because we are an independent consulting firm and we set our own fees hence our fees are reasonable & comparative, this is not at the expense of quality in any area.

The Office of PIEC Education Consultants is located to the centre point of Dhaka in Bangladesh. Students benefit from its location because it is easy to reach from every corner of the Dhaka.