By the grace of Almighty Allah, I got the Australian student visa on 29 July. On this journey, ‘Pro Info & Edu Consultant’ team helped me in every step. Actually, I am enthralled because of their quality activities. Their work is as sweet as they behave with someone which was attracted me a lot. I was worried about applying to Australia for student visa but on the same time, Proshun Sir (CEO) guided me as like as his son and this guy will be an unforgettable person through my whole life. And the another loyal person is Toma Apu who helped me in every format for getting the visa as like as her younger brother. I will also never forget you Apu for your great help. However, they know their work and they can guide a student properly such as, how to apply to an university, how to process the visa. To be honest, they have more experience about visa processing than I guess. I was just looking for this type of consultant but this type of consultant is rare now. A student can easily take any type of help about visa processing from them without any hesitation. I sharply recommend ‘Pro Info & Edu Consultant’ team as the best educational consultant in Bangladesh.
Best wishes to all of you guys.