Pro Info& Edu Consultant is one of the leading, professional and visionary education consultancy companies in this country. We have been working in this industry over a decade with wide range of experiences, consolidating professionalism, insightful marketing intelligence as well as a robust optimism towards the finest success in real sense.

We are devoted to providing direction to prospective students wanting to pursue their chosen careers; thereby guiding them right from the choice of overseas educational institutions through a holistic approach facilitating students with courses and university selection, admissions, visa processing, accommodation, flights, pre-departure guidance and more. For that we have been emerged to be a pioneer in giving career direction and enlivening lifetime dreams of overseas aspirants.

We understand the fact that every individual has their own merit and demand. That’s why, we are always keen to assess and scrutinize each and every individualistic student’s mind set and talent together to guide and eventually materialize the path of positioning their respective educational institution as well as destination alike.

Our counselors are one of the experienced, skilled and expertise personnel in this industry who has achieved numbers of industrial certificates such as QEAC(Australian govt. certified BY ICEF), USATC(USA Agent Training Course BY ICEF), ENZRA (New Zealand govt. certified counselor by ICEF), CCEA (Canadian education counselor), ICEF (German based), EMGS (Malaysia govt. certified counselor),Uniagent certified counselor etc.

In zest, we are personal in our services and are happy spending time with our students – no matter what your study related questions are. Scholarship or financial aid assistance counseling is our expertise and invariably each year you will find many of our students achieving the same. Most importantly, we celebrate our students’ success!